About Dr. Otto


Dr. Otto Gomez already well known in Orlando, is a member of the jazzinorlando.com community. As an accomplished musician, Dr. Otto is also a producer and arranger. His complex arrangements clearly standout and rise above the norm. His knack for teaching musicians, elementary and advanced, has always been a highlight of his ongoing career. The formulation of the colors of music and the correct execution of the same, is what separates him from the rest. Dr. Otto earned his Masters in Music Arranging and Composition at Brooklyn College, before going on to earn a Doctorate in arranging and composition from Shepperton University (England) and The Manhattan Conservatory of Music. His musical experience is equally impressive with many performances as a studio musician for CBS where he worked with Donnie Hathaway, Latimore Brown and Roberta Flack. His has also toured with Stevie Wonder and Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes: Composed, conducted and produced the soundtrack to the Daytona spring break movie Girls, Girls, Girls; produced award winning radio commercials, as well as presiding over many recordings and Musical Productions. With his band now established, his attention to detail, flair for Arranging, and consideration for his audience, Dr. Otto continues to transform listeners into fans.


Brooklyn College, Brooklyn NY
Music Major (Arrangement and Composition)
Bachelor of Arts Degree

Manhattan Conservatory of Music / Shepperton University (England)
Doctorate in Arranging and Composition


1971 - 1973; Millie Jackson, Interstate Tour
1973-1975; Studio Musician - CBS
a. Lead Trumpet
b. Stylistics
Donnie Hathaway, Latimore Brown, Roberta Flack

1975-1977; Studio Arranger/Producer
and Music Coordinator Record Symphony Corp. New York

1977-1978; Mongo Santamaria - 3 Months
Stevie Wonder - 9 Months

1978-1979; Inter-Intra State Tours
Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes

1979-1983; Music Director of Local Jazz Band "CHEMISTRY"

1983-1985; Executive Producer
Mulatto Record Company, Orlando, FL
1st Place Award "V 32" Lakeland Radio
1st Place Award Com-Banks Commercial
Producer/Engineer, American Recording Company
President of Wise Productions (Music Production Company)
Composed, Conducted and Produced the soundtrack to the Daytona Spring Break Movie "Girls, Girls, Girls"

1986-1989; President of IROK International Record Co.

1989-1998; Sabbatical

1998-2000; Local Recording with Roadshow Records Recording Artist: Carmen, Christian Artists, Melba Moore, Sunnie Paxton

2000-2004 Dr. Otto and Divine Honor Smooth Jazz Band

2005 Composed National Campaign Music for Almay Skin Care Products

2005 Trumpet Instructor for Avalon School of Music

2005 Trumpet Instructor for Music & Art Music Center

2006 Opened for Acoustic Alchemy at The House of Blues / Orlando Florida

2006 Opened for Mary Wilson at The Ritz Carlton / Orlando Florida

2006 Opened for Cassandra Wilson at The House of Blues / Orlando Florida

2008 Composed National Campaign Music for Revlon Skin Care Products

2008 Trumpet Instructor for Orlando School of Music

2009 Performed with Kool & The Gang 

2009 Composed the sound track for the film "5:11"  for "My Christian Films Company".

2009 Performed with Miami Sound Machine.  

2010 Presently, performing locally in the Central Florida area with “The Dr. Otto Quintet”

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